Friday, April 2, 2010

I put a picture of Ian's marker on here today. We debated over whether or not to share this with everyone but we feel like it is our last thing of Ian we will have to share so there it is. We also know we have a lot of family who lives out of town and can't see his marker and really wanted to so this is for you guys. We love you all and we thank you for loving our little man.

Good morning everyone! I woke up this morning to a smiling little boy named Owen and it was wonderful. For those of you who don't know...Owen is our nephew and he spent the night with Wae and I last night. He is such a little flirt too. He flashes his little grin at me and he's got whatever he wants. I already wanted another baby but after being with a healthy child for this long I see what it's like to be a mom to a healthy child and it makes me want one even more. It doesn't help out any that he has to be the best baby crying, no fussing, just playing by himself and talking up a storm. I love him to pieces!!!

I have been thinking about last Easter a lot since it is this weekend and it will be our first Easter without Ian. Every "first" occasion without Ian is hard no matter what the occasion is. Last Easter Ian and I were in a program at church where I gave my cardboard testimony. Wae was gone to the Master's golf tournament and got to experience that for the first time. Ian and I spent the day at my parents with my two grandmothers and I can remember napping with him on the couch and not sharing him very much. Some days I was bad about that and I remember that from last Easter. I'm glad I didn't share him since it was our last Easter together. I remember everything the Easter bunny brought and how much fun we had together. I am so thankful I cherished every living second with Ian and didn't take a thing for granted. No regrets was my goal and no regrets is just exactly what I have.

After my post the other day I had so many volunteers email me about helping with the Rhizo Kids conference. I love our community and friends and family who support Rhizo Kids still even though Ian isn't here to fight for. It's amazing that you all still care and will fight for the kids who you don't even know. It is especially hard for me to continue in the fight for the cure, but I sure don't want Ian's life to be in vain. I really feel like I am in the fight for a treatment to better their lives not a cure necessarily but you all know what I mean. We have a family who means a lot to our family who has already volunteered to bring dinner Friday evening for the conference so now we will need people for Thursday and Saturday evenings. Those who have volunteered to bring desserts will be used with the meals that are brought. You are all awesome and I really, really appreciate you!!!

Well, I have a little boy looking at me with big blue eyes who is ready for some Aunt Mary time so I think I'll get off of here and go play with that little darling who is talking to me. I added a pic of Owen from yesterday so you all can see how much he has grown and just how cute he is. Isn't he a doll?!?



  1. I've never seen a more beautiful marker!!! Thank you for sharing it with all of us.
    Have a Blessed Easter, Mary and Wae.
    Linda Grinnell

  2. Thank you for sharing, Mary. Hope you have a wonderful Easter!
    Rich & Cassandra

  3. That is the most beautiful marker I've ever seen. Thanks for sharing. You are always in my thoughts and prayers. I hope you have a wonderful Easter! Love, April Hamrick

  4. What a truly remarkable memorial marker for Ian. Thank you so much for sharing with us.
    May God bless you and Wae on this Easter with peace and comfort.

  5. Beautiful marker!!! Love all the pictures! Thank you very much for sharing! I enjoy reading your posts..God bless y'all!