Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I'm Still Here...

I am so sorry it has been so long since I updated Ian's Reason. Life has crept back in on me and I have been extremely busy. Now that I am working it seems as though all I have time for is work and Rhizo Kids. I have been "scolded" a few times by some friends for not updating. It is kind of funny too because they are people I see almost daily yet they want to read Ian's Reason too as if they don't know everything I am doing. So, here goes...

I have been working. A lot...I am trying to make a difference in these kids lives I am seeing but feel so defeated. A lot of kids I work with just simply don't care if they please someone and praise doesn't seem to mean a thing to them. They don't respect adults and many of them have no motivation. I guess that's why I am seeing them though?!? I am trying to motivate with pizza parties, popcorn parties, praise and more praise but nothing seems to work. They will leave my room and punch someone in the face or scream at their teacher. UGH...I am dreaming about my little darlings because they consume a lot of my thoughts now and I just can't make a difference. With time though maybe they'll come around...

Ian's marker at the cemetary came in. It is beautiful. We went last week one night and saw it for the first time and that was a hard day. It is for real now. His marker has pictures on it. There is one of Ian, one of me and Ian, one of Wae and Ian, and a couple of family pictures with the three of us. WOW...it is really our little boy in that deep hole under that marker. No mistaking it now as you sit and look at his picture on the marker at the cemetary. Just not the order in which things are supposed to happen in life. But...they did so we just have to roll with the punches. His pictures look so real on the marker too. It's like you could just reach down and grab him up for a quick snuggle. Oh what I would give for one last snuggle. I'd cut off my right arm just to hold that little boy again.

Tracey Thomas and I are in the middle of planning the 2nd Rhizo Kids conference. You'll never believe it when I tell you but it is going to be in Centre, AL. What do you think the doctors will think about our town? I think they are going to be overwhelmed by the "niceness" of people and the support of our community. We are having the conference at Chesnut Bay Resort and we are having a lot of doctors attend from around the world and families from all over. There are 10 confirmed families so far and about 6 doctors. WOW!!! I am really excited for this conference hoping just maybe they will have a treatment for the kids. It is hard to plan this without Ian here as my motivation for a cure but there are other kids suffering from RCDP who still need a cure so we must continue the fight. We are going to need some help from people in Centre who are willing. The conference is towards the end of June. I think it starts June 24th. It starts on a Thursday and everyone leaves on that Sunday. I need people to donate drinks for the conference. We could use all types of canned drinks, bottled water, capri suns, etc. If you have some extra money one day and you are shopping it would be awesome if you bought some drinks for our conference and dropped them off at Cotton States Insurance. (Dad, don't have a heart attack I'll bring them to my house.) We could use some breakfast casseroles to have in the frig at each home for the families, some desserts to snack on at meals and between meals, and quite possibly someone to "sponsor" dinner a couple of nights and bring the food to Chesnut Bay for us. If you would be willing to volunteer a couple of hours to babysit the healthy siblings swimming in the pool or just playing that would be awesome. Tell me a timeframe you are available and I'll sign you up. If you are really brave and wouldn't mind working with the Rhizo Kids for a couple of hours that would be awesome too. Just email me at maryellis96@yahoo.com to volunteer and let me know what you are interested in. I know this is a lot to ask but it is hard to pull this off and I know our community will pitch in to make it a success. Even if you are just able to bring one 12 pack of coke that is a huge help and we will greatly appreciate it.

Well, I must go now. I have to be at work in a few minutes and I not near ready. I will try to do better about updating Ian's Reason. I will have my sweet nephew Owen at the end of this week so I'm sure it won't be then. He is actually going to spend the night with us and I am so excited!!!

There is an opportunity peaking through in my life now about possibly writing a book. A sweet lady from Centre met an editor/writer who co-authors books and we are now in contact. It seems to be a God orchestrated introduction and I am very hopeful this may lead to Ian's story reaching the world which hopefully would result in souls being saved through our faith. Please add this to your prayers as it would be wonderful to have a Christian co-author to share Ian's story through. I am hopeful...

Hope you all have an enjoyable week. It is going to be beautiful and I fully intend on making the best of it...



  1. Mary,
    I think your new job is a need that is so urgent! And your beautiful face and sweet smile are perfect for it. Please do not be discouraged. As an ex troubled child myself, I can tell you, love and prayers make a difference! You may not see it immediately, but God takes your efforts and waters those seeds. You can't read the child's heart as he/she thinks about what you did or said as they are waiting to fall asleep at night. You will not be there several years from now when the child turned teenager needs the love or encouragement you gave them, but God will still be using the impression you made on their heart and their memory. Of course, you won't be able to help every one of them. My point is, you can't tell which ones you really are affecting by looking. I can tell you some of the people who affected me most deeply aren't aware of it. But their love lodged in my heart, even before I could accept it, and I still carry it with me today. I am so happy that your days have become full again. I know that it is not the same kind of full, but at least it is some kind.

    Love and prayers,
    Heather Owens

  2. God is using you to impact these students. God knows you have a big heart, that you are patient, kind, loving etc... Praise the Lord for people like you! Glad to hear the job is keeping you busy. I would love to read your book if you publish one. Praying for you and your hubby daily that the Lord our God would grant you peace and wrap his loving arms around you so tight you can feel him. You are a strong woman that I admire!

  3. I was going to write you a note, but Heather said it so beautifully, there is no reason but for me to say "Ditto."
    Virginia Peterson

  4. I have to agree with Heather and Virginia. You are making a GREAT impact on the children you see and meet everyday. Trust in the Lord and he will show you the way.

    Awesome on the conference being here. It is going to go so smooth and great..