Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Asher's Nursery

My cousin who is an interior decorator came this week with her husband and transformed the front bedroom in my house formerly known as "Ian's Room" then it was "The Craft Room" and finally, finally it is "Asher's Room!" This nursery couldn't be any more perfect. It is everything I have dreamed of for our sweet and healthy little boys. Words cannot express how awesome I think it is...

Asher...he is a busy bee these days. He wiggles and kicks all day. He has a pretty good schedule now. I usually feel him during lunch and then he naps and I feel him after school and then he naps and then he usually wiggles all night long. A night owl??? I think so!

I can't tell you how many times this week I've heard..."Wow, you're really blossoming!" Well yes I sure am. I have exploded into a fat cow!!! I'm kind of scared to be weighed at the doctor tomorrow because I'm afraid it will be B-A-D!!! Oh well...

As things are nearing Asher's arrival I find myself worrying about Ian. I know he is perfect! I just continually say to myself..."We're not replacing you Ian. We're simply adding to our family. You will NEVER be replaced my sweet and perfect Ian." I hate feeling like I am replacing Ian. I'm taking his pictures out of frames and putting Asher's sonogram pictures in and I am taking his pictures out for the frame to be ready for Asher. I remind myself this is simply a normal action taken by all parents preparing for another child.

I also keep getting the question..."Is this your first child?" What a hard one!!! No it's not my first pregnancy and no it's not my first child. But do I really have the strength to explain this situation to you right now??? Yes...I do!!! Ian is my child...he was my first pregnancy...and that simply can't be ignored. "Well how old is your first child?" Well...can I explain that one? He's wait he's 3 1/2. No wait...he's really 23 months and 3 weeks! Geez...let's just drop that one and say "He's 2 but he lives with Jesus now!" (Awkardness inserted here)

Well...this tired momma' is going to bed. Enjoy the nursery pictures and I sure hope you love it as much as I do :)