Saturday, April 27, 2013

Lord, what do I have that YOU can use?

I know, I know..."Whoa, a post from Ian's Reason?!? Really?" I've been missing in action and I'm sorry for that. I have been a momma, a wife, and involved in many activities at church. I have been so blessed over the past 2 years that I have really just sat in amazement at the mighty works of God. And that's all I've done basically...I've sat and enjoyed those blessings all to myself and I haven't been sharing them. I vowed to God many years ago that I would be a willing vessel here to share about Him and His goodness in my life. I have failed Him miserably but I am going to try my best to start my ministry of sharing God's goodness through my blog again. In the past two years a lot of things have changed in my life. I have become a momma to our second child. He's our little miracle child who is so many things bottled up into one vivacious little body. He's loving AND silly, he's sweet AND feisty, he's smart AND a wild man, he's too many things for me to describe in a sentence. He has been my world, my heart, my life...Another thing has changed. A prayer of mine has been answered in a mighty way. My husband has become a MAN of God. He is the spiritual leader of our household now...he drags ME to church when I'd rather stay home, he prays with Asher and me, he's going on a mission trip to Brazil soon, and he makes me want to be a better Christian. I just can't even describe how good God is. Just know that my heart is full... At revival a couple of weeks ago our speaker asked us to pray, "Lord, what do I have that YOU can use?" I have really prayed this prayer. I have thought I'm just a mom Lord. What am I worth? I talk to Asher, I talk to my family and friends, I talk to the girls I workout with, I talk to people at church and that's about it. I don't do much Lord. I'm JUST a momma'...remember. What can YOU really use me for? Well, let me just tell you. God has answered and He has stepped on my toes. Isn't that always fun. He reminded me of my mission with Ian's caringbridge site and Ian's reason. He reminded me of how many lives were changed through Ian's life and my "ramblings" on the internet. He reminded me that I have NEVER been "just a momma'" I am a daughter of THE KING! He showed me through prayer and a gentle nudging of my heart that he can use me and that I have to be willing again. I can't keep enjoying God's goodness and keeping it to myself. It's time to share again. It's time to live again! So...without further ado I'm baaaacccckkkk!!!! I just hope I can keep it up. Please pray for me to be consistent. When I say Asher takes up all my time I'm not exaggerating. He never sits still, he doesn't watch TV, we read 356 books a day on average :), he LOVES to play outside for hours and hours and hours. It's time to be transparent again. It's been a long time for me living my new life of just Wae, Asher, and myself without sharing. It's been kind of nice to be honest. I've had a stirring in my soul though and sweet friends if you've ever had the stirring in your soul from the Holy Spirit you know like I do that until you submit to HIS plan and will for your life the restlessness will not go away. Me...I'm a mom to two boys. I will always be a mom to two boys. If you ask me how many kids I have my answer is 2 and I count it a blessing to share about my angel Ian as I also share about my silly Asher. Do I miss Ian? Well absolutely. There is not a single day that I don't miss my sweet child in my arms. However, I have to daily make the choice in life of happiness instead of wallowing in my pain. Some days the choice is easier than other days. I'm a stay at home mom to Asher and I LOVE every second of it. I wouldn't trade my days at home for anything in the world. We have "mommy school" during our days at home and we work on little lessons I make and yes I am that dorky of a momma'. We go to the library for story time once a week, we play in the mud with our dog Miley, we ride the golf cart thing a mig outside, we swing, and we enjoy just being plain ole' normal! Is Asher rotten? Absolutely! I wouldn't trade this spoiling for anything...he's only little once and I learned that the hard way. I will not forget the lessons Ian taught me. Asher knows he has a brother in heaven. He will say "Bubba" and point to Heaven and say "Jesus" We have talked to Asher about his bubba from day one and we will forever nourish that relationship between him and his big brother. I am also a wife as part of my job at home...I try my best. Wae might say different. We don't always have a hot meal or a clean house but I try. All I know is...we have a happy home and that's a blessing in and of itself. I am able to do a lot of things for our church and I so enjoy doing that. I work with the nursery ministry at our church and it lets me be with the children some since I don't teach anymore. I was helping with the two year olds but quickly learned that's not really my calling in life. :) I do carve out a little bit of time for myself and I workout with some great friends a couple of mornings a week. It's such a stress reliever for me. I also enjoy running now and I never thought I'd be one of those people. Hahaha... I'm trying to take up the fine art of growing flowers since Asher and I are outside so often. So far so good...they've been planted two weeks and they are still alive. Woohoo!!! That's unheard of at our house. I have been giving them a lot of TLC though. In the past two months I have been a friend...a friend to someone dear to my heart who I cherish more than life itself. Someone who understands my every thought and worry...someone who now understands what it means to bury their child. My sweet friends Gregg and Tracey Thomas had to endure the same dreadful loss as us when Jackson lost the battle to RCDP in February. I was blessed to be with Tracey during this time and I wouldn't have been anywhere else. I know many of you remember Jackson and I tell you this to ask you to pray for Gregg, Tracey, and Taylor as they are simply crushed as they mourn the loss of Jack Jack. We are still working with Rhizo Kids and the doctors and we will find a way to help the other children with RCDP. Our boys lives were not for nothing!!! Well that's a little bit about us now. Just to cram in two years of me being missing. It's not all that's happened but it's the best summary I got. I say all this to you to tell you God can use you too. No matter what your occupation is or what your story in life is God can use you. Please pray and ask God to reveal to you what He can do with you. If he can use me, he can use you! I will be back next week...I promise! Photobucket