Sunday, October 31, 2010

Adopt a Rhizo Kid

We are starting a new promotion for Rhizo Kids this Christmas. There are many Rhizo Kids whose families do not get much assitance in the things their children need. There are many toys and devices our Rhizo Kids would benefit from that we simply can't afford to buy when we are having to buy the expensive necessities for their health. This Christmas we are making a wish list and asking for people to volunteer to "adopt a rhizo kid" for Christmas. some of the items on our wish lists are rather expensive. In this case I am going to assign several families to one child. So...if your family and extended family and friends would like to adopt a rhizo kid together so you can buy more we would encourage you to do so. We have 11 Rhizo Kids who want to be adopted for Christmas. The children are: Callie Aspley, Abbie Carson, Ethan Holladay, Marlee Bedford, Alex Vodenik, Jordyn Cirner, Jake Cirner, Cale, Hayden, Corey Johnson, and Jackson Thomas. If there is one certain Rhizo family you have become attached to and you'd like to adopt them just let me know. If you just want to help a child out in general I will assign you a child. Please email me a list of who all will help you if you will be doing this in a group so I can make sure and assign the children appropriately. Your generosity will be greatly appreciated from our Rhizo Family. This is a project you can participate in no matter where you live. It's a great opportunity to teach your children about helping others and to teach them about caring for others by giving some of their Christmas to a child who has so many special needs. Email me at if you'd like to help out with this project.


Tuesday, October 26, 2010

We survived...

Well, we made it through the one year anniversary of our sweet little boy leaving our arms for Jesus and we made it through Ian's 2nd birthday celebration in Heaven. We slid through another "mile marker" people had warned us about and I'm going to be honest with you. The advice that comes from most people is plain ole' pooey!!!

Yes, we have now "celebrated" every holiday and every occasion without Ian. "Supposedly" after the 1st's of the 1st year it's smooth sailing. Well.......I'm pretty sure if you ask a mom or dad who has lost their child if any birthday without their child was any easier they'd say no. I'm pretty sure they'd say they were thinking about all the children who were celebrating their 3rd birthday (or whatever birthday it was) and wishing their child too was having that Elmo party like "normal" families. People say the 2nd Thanksgiving and the 2nd Christmas will be much easier to make it through. In my eyes it's yet another holiday Wae and I are "celebrating" without Ian there by our sides. The bottom line is our lives are different than most and we now have to learn to "live" through these occasions without Ian. So...onward we march to Thanksgiving and Christmas with our hearts focusing on our blessings as best we know how.

Wae and I took a trip over the week of Ian's passing and his birthday and it was a nice getaway. It was nice to not be in our house where so much took place, happy and sad, over the past 3 years. We were able to do some fun things that we hadn't experienced before and try to have some fun just the two of us. I always seem to feel so "guilty" to have fun or laugh these days! We went to a "monkey island" and fed monkeys bananas out of our hands. It was a true adventure and it was something done in memory of Ian since he loved monkeys so :)

Well, I'd better go get to cleaning my house. My best friend Lindsey is so very close to having her little boy (in a few days) and I want my house to be in order so I can be around to spoil the new little fella' in our lives. Oh how I love a newborn baby!!! His name is going to be Cohen Jeremy Bryant and I'm sure he's going to be one of the cutest little guys I've ever met...


Monday, October 4, 2010

The dreaded week...

One year ago this week our sweet Ian ran to the open arms of his maker. One year ago this week our only child quit breathing as he laid on my chest. One year ago this week my world, my life, my whole being was ripped apart.It seems like a lifetime ago but at the same moment it seems like it only happened yesterday. The tears are flowing this week as this mama's heart is aching for her little boy to be in her arms just one more time...

For the obvious reasons I have dreaded this week for the past year. I have realized one reason I have dreaded this week is that in my eyes many people think..."It has been a year since her little boy passed away. She is better now. She should be fine." I personally thought that after one year without Ian I would be much better. The pain doesn't go away. The pain hasn't lessened and the bitterness is still lingering. The hurt is far too deep to simply be healed by a year's time. It's a hurt that can only be mended by THE Father's hands and I am thankful I KNOW he is faithful!

I am remembering every second of last year this time and that is what is so painful this week. I am remembering every hospice visit, every visitor coming to say their final good-byes to Ian, our final good-byes to Ian, Ian's friends final good-byes on that precious Wednesday night, Ms.Kim sharing a frosty with Ian and waking him up for his final time, riding the golf-cart in hopes of waking Ian, and so many memories that I simply can't share on here. I am thankful to have these memories with Ian but at the same time these memories are far too much to bear.

My heart is heavy but thankful that I was able to experience two years of wonderful rather than a lifetime of heart is broken but hopeful for the heart is grieving but rejoicing because I WILL spend eternity with my little boy Ian with no timeframe on our time together! I am so thankful I believe in Jesus Christ and the hope of Heaven! I am so thankful my thoughts are that my little boy is in Heaven healed and whole playing on the streets of gold with his Paw Paw's and other loved ones. I don't know how I could survive the loss of Ian without the hope of Heaven! I am so thankful I was raised in the home I was raised in and taught the morals and values I was taught. Because let me tell ya'...if I wouldn't have been raised the way I was and had a strong faith there is no telling where I'd be after this life experience. I love you mama and daddy and I'm so thankful for the Christian values you instilled in me!!! God was preparing me to be Ian's mommy long before I even knew I would ever be a mommy.

I am asking for serious prayer this week. I am asking for prayer to just make it through the day each day. It's one of those times when the words just won't come but I know God hears my cries and knows what I need. So thankful He is faithful and won't leave us when we're at our worst.