Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Little Miss Perfect...

Wae and I watched a show on TV last night that I'm sure many of you have watched. It is on WE and it is called "Little Miss Perfect" There were two little girls on there from the area where we live and I went to grad school with one of the moms. Wae was less than thrilled to say the least about watching this pageant on TV, but I had to see what all the hype was about. I AM NOT SAYING I DISAGREE WITH BEAUTY PAGEANTS...STICK WITH ME TO THE END ON THIS ONE : )

These precious little girls were all dolled up. I don't just mean in a sweet little Sunday dress. They had on poofy pageant dresses, lacy socks, dressy shoes, they had tanned, loads of make-up and lipstick, and hair pieces. They were that dolled up. I guess the kids were around 6 years old. I'm not sure...I just saw the last 20 minutes of the show.

The little girls were each taking their turn on the stage to walk out in front of the judges and be "judged" on their appearance in their big poofy dresses. The judges could be brutal in the things they said and it would infuriate me to hear what they would say. When one little girl was walking away a judge said..."Look at how she walks. She walks awkward. I don't like that." I heard them criticize hair or how they would hold their arms.

This all got me to thinking...if we would subject our precious little 6 year old girls to this should we not subject ourselves to this? Can you imagine??? Here goes...A 27 year old woman prancing herself out onto stage in a big poofy dress that I would most definitely be uncomfortable in because I am simply used to a t-shirt and jeans. I suppose I would have on high heeled shoes like the 6 year olds and odds are I'd trip and fall because tennis shoes or flip flops are my shoes of choice. That judge would most definitely say..."Look at how she walks in those high heels. She walks awkward" when she saw me walking in high heeled shoes. I'm sure my hair wouldn't be good enough because it is too short to poof out and I'm sure they could have a field day about me not being a size 2. Stay with me here...

Maybe we should all have to "go on stage" and let someone pinpoint our rights and wrongs. hard would that be to stand in front of 3 judges and them look over everything we do in a day. Maybe they would say..."Oh you gossipped" "Oh you were envious" "You had an unpure thought right there" "Oh me you even used God's name in vain right there" "You coveted" "You weren't obedient right then" Wow...I can't imagine going in front of a judge to judge my appearance much less in front of a "judge" to judge if I am doing what God's good word commands me to do. I would feel so ashamed to have them point out everything I do wrong. I am sure it would be a list miles long.

Guess what??? When our time here on Earth is through and we enter the gates of Heaven we will have to stand in front of the one and only Almighty Judge. The only One who matters...God! He will find our name and he will know every good thing we did on Earth and every bad thing we did on Earth. Really think about this...sit back and take it in. Those 6 year old little girls were in front of 3 measely little ole' earthly judges and they were nervous wrecks. Their moms and dads were nervous wrecks. Shoot...I was even a nervous wreck for them. Can you imagine it being you standing in front of God?!? Can you imagine the shame we will feel over some of the things we have done here on Earth? Maybe you are perfect and like some of those 6 year old little girls who the judges had nothing bad to say about you will have no shame, but I doubt it very seriously. I am embarassed about some of the things I have done and some of the thoughts I have had. I am embarassed that I lived for years without sharing my Faith in Jesus Christ. I am down right unworthy of his forgiveness. But you know what the good news is? He forgives us...those measly ole' earthly judges on "Little Miss Perfect" wouldn't forgive the little girl for walking "awkward" but our Savior will. We may walk "awkward" in our walk with the Lord sometimes. We may stumble and fall and get off track, but He will not turn us away like the judges in the pageant. You just have to ask and He will forgive you. How awesome is that?!?

I know if our precious Ian had entered a pageant here on Earth the judges could have ripped him apart. They could have criticized his size and his "dysmorphic features" as the doctors called them. However, I saw him as beautiful and guess who else saw him as beautiful. Our Heavenly Father!!! The only "judge" who matters thought our little Ian was perfect and precious. And I am sure that as our little Ian stood in front of his Maker he was crowned as "Little Mr.Perfect" and he was shown through the gates of Heaven by hearing the words..."Well done my good and faithful servant!" Are you going to hear those words? I sure hope I do!!!


  1. Amen and Amen!!!!! Very well said.

  2. had to leave a comment today, I must tell you BEST BLOG POST YET!!!! I literally think when Ian STOOD there.. he was told.. MY child... YOU ARE PERFECT!!! I feel blessed by reading this today. thank you!

    Andrea Harrell

  3. Ian HAS the best smile ever though and would have won over any judge. Some of my favorite pics are with him and his contageous grin.


  4. Love your blog..
    Your story is bringing Glory
    to the Lord.

    Our family also lost a little boy we named

    We buried him on our property in March of last year. My heart aches..

    I'm forever thinking of him..

    Thank you for sharing your story.
    You can see our story on my blog.

  5. Mary,
    Thank you so much so much for this blog, you touch my heart with every blog, but this one really hits home. You are a true inspiration to me. I miss little Ian so much and I agree with everyone else, God thought he was PERFECT! I was blessed to have known such a perfect little boy. Thank you for sharing your faith and life with me through this blog.

    Kelly Mason

    Love it.....God has big plans for you!