Thursday, April 15, 2010

Spring Break...Ahh...

Now that I am working again I am able to enjoy the wonder of Spring Break. Sleeping late every day, laying out, shopping with friends, and being a big ole' bum! Of course there are the "chores" I need to complete that have been piling up waiting on spring break. Cleaning out my closet and finding clothes that have been lost under the big pile of clothes piled up on the floor, cleaning out the pantry and throwing out the two year old food that has accumulated in there, and organizing all that has become unorganized. In my view, if I can accomplish one of those "chores" I'll be doing good.

I am speaking at two churches this weekend so today will be spent working on the message I will give to two different groups of women. I will be able to share Ian with others and talk about my faith all at the same time. I love talking about Ian and how wonderful he was so to be able to stand there with undivided attention talking about my little man is wonderful. After I speak Friday night I am going to spend the night with my nephew Owen. (Of course his parents will be there too but Owen is the prize) Sorry Matthew and Kyla...that's just what happens when you have kids. : ) I am so excited. I haven't seen him since Easter and it seems like forever ago!!! I can't wait!

Before Ian was born I worked out with a personal trainer for a couple of years. I gripped and complained every second I was there and moaned and groaned about the pain he was putting me through. It was bad too let me tell ya' I have been wanting to get back in with him for quite some time now and I finally did. YAY...I am working out with Wae. Before I could start though I had to promise there would be no complaining and no saying "I can't do that" no rolling the eyes, and no bad faces at Daniel. : ) If you worked out with me before you know exactly what I'm talking about. ATTITUDE!!! Well, it got me to thinking. It's kind of like our walk with God. We face trials and go through things and boy don't we moan and groan and complain about it a lot. Don't you know God is thinking just like my trainer..."Quit complaining!!! I'm sick and tired of your whining. Just buck up and do it and in the end you will be proud of what you see." You know, after we work out and eat right and lose the weight we are so proud of ourselves. We are so proud that we were dedicated to our goal and that we were able to accomplish something we set our minds to. Our "trainer" knew what would come if we would just follow his directions. God has to be the same...he knows what is coming. We just have to stick to our guns and follow Him. We don't need to quit when the going gets tough and go inch our way back to our sin, our gripping and complaining, our moaning, our old ways. We need to work each and every day to fulfill what God wants for us and in the end we will be so much better off. So today, picture God as your "trainer" and picture him saying..."Go, go, go. You can do it! I'll help you finish as long as I can see you are doing your best and trying to reach our goal. Go Mary go! I'm so proud of you today!"

Well, it's off to do cardio. I promised Daniel I would do it. I am eating a plain ole' boiled egg for breakfast and then it's off to walk three miles. I can hardly move after my workout yesterday but I'm not complaining about it. : )

Funny side note...was putting down my 10 pound dumbbell and slammed it on my ring finger. My finger swelled up faster than you can imagine. It was blue instantly and I was panicking inside. BUT...I promised no complaining so I toughed it out. But man it hurt!!! Whew...I won't ever do that again!

Have a good weekend and please remember me in prayer as I speak on Friday and Sunday evening. I pray someone is touched by something I have to say.

See ya' later.......................


  1. Enjoy your spring break Mary!

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  3. Mary we can't wait to see you and hear you speak at Twelfth Street Baptist on Sunday evening at 4:30 PM. Ladies, if you are reading this and live in the Gadsden area you are all invited to come. Hope to see you there.