Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Spring Team Shirts...

Team Ian Shirt Spring 2010

This shirt says...
"Soaring for a cure on wings of love" and "In memory of Ian"

Just a quick update before work. I have finalized the Spring Team Ian and Rhizo Kids shirts and I will be ordering them today. I AM NOT TAKING PRE-ORDERS!!! I just don't have time for that right now with work and starting back to school and trying to get in 50 hours of professional development. Sorry!

I will have a date I will set up at my parents office (Cotton States Insurance on Main street) and I will sell all shirts that day. I am hoping to do it on May 12th but it might not happen. Depends on how backed up the shirt shop is. I will be there all day the day I sell them. If you have friends who want shirts then get up an order and that day you can buy for everyone. You can take orders and pick them up yourself but I will not be organizing the orders this time.

If you live out of town and you would like shirts shipped to you I can do that. You can send me your name, address, and shirt sizes and I will respond with your total so you can mail a check. You will have to pay $2 shipping per shirt.

If you are part of our Rhizo Family and you would like some shirts email me ASAP so I can get enough for you. I thought everyone would like the black one that says RCDP on the front. I am ordering very few of this shirt. It is mainly for the Rhizo Kids families coming to the conference but I will have a few extra to sell.

If you volunteered to help be a sitter or volunteer at the conference this summer you will be required to wear a Rhizo Kids or Team Ian or Team Jackson etc. shirt. This is because we want the families to know who is with our group so they can confidentally leave their child with a person who they know is with our group. You can wear a shirt from the first sell, the second sell, whenever. You don't have to buy a new shirt. If you don't have one though you should get one. I think it would be awesome if we all had on the new Team Ian shirts. You don't have to just a thought. : )

I hope you all enjoy the new designs.


  1. Love the designs Mary... you guys did an awesome job!! Keep up the good work you are doing with RCDP! Your such a strong person!

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