Sunday, July 17, 2011

A cutie pie...

A couple of weeks ago Wae and I were able to see Asher during our 3D/4D ultrasound. We went to a place in Chattanooga, TN that does only sonograms and let me tell you that is their specialty. Asher was being a handful and did not want us to see his face. He had his arms wrapped together and his head poking down in his arms. If he ever moved one of his arms he quickly kicked his leg up and put his foot in front of his face. We laughed and laughed and had a good time with it though. We told the girl that we were just happy he could move so good. From the looks of it...Asher is going to be a stubborn little boy :)

After a lot of moving around, potty breaks, and me practically standing on my head we were able to see our little miracle. And...he was so perfect. He looks just like his daddy according to these photos. looks like he just might have my lips and chubby cheeks. Maybe he'll be a perfect mix. We really don't care who he looks like. We are just ready to have a healthy little boy.

My family and friends gave us our baby shower last Sunday and it was so perfect. Asher got so many wonderful things. Monogrammed outfits, monogrammed burp cloths, monogrammed bibs...are you seeing a pattern here. His name is everywhere :) He will definitely know his name. We have a closet full of clothes and a carseat ready for our little man to ride in. A new bathtub sitting in his tub waiting for a sweet baby to bathe and bottles ready to be washed and used. A bassinet in our bedroom (yes...I said it is already in our bedroom. I am just so excited I can't hide it anymore :) I've even got the pack and play up and ready in the living room. All we need is our little boy to use all his goodies but we are patiently waiting until he is ready. Hoping God has him prepared a little early.

I am still in awe at the miracle God is giving us and I find myself in shock and disbelief at times. I remember being wheeled to the NICU at St.Vincent's hospital when I was supposed to be going to my car and headed home with a healthy Ian. However, God had different plans. I remember telling my nurse Kesha that it was nice to meet her but that I would NEVER see her again because I would NEVER be able to have healthy children. She told me I was wrong and that one day she would see me with a healthy child at St.Vincent's. I absolutely cannot believe it's true but it is!!! *Imagine me screaming....I'M HAVING A BABY!!!!!!!!*
Hope you enjoy the pics of Asher :)



  1. The St Vincent's crew is so happy for the two of you!! We cannot wait to give you a big hug & see this sweet baby!
    ~Megan Epperson RN ;-)

  2. Where did you get your ultrasound done? I was searching on the internet for places in Chattanooga and came across your blog. It sounds like they really worked with you to get good pictures and that's what I am looking for!