Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Back to School

It's that time again. We started back to school today. Well...the teachers did. I have 39 days until Asher's expected arrival and it's time to go back to school. Just to be honest...I'm kind of nervous. You wouldn't believe how many people have told me they think starting back to school will put me in labor. :) I am ready to meet my little man don't get me wrong. I just want to wait a little while longer so he's finished "cooking" and ready to come home. I have organized and organized and organized my classroom until I don't think I can organize anything else. LOL...I want it to be as prepared as possible for my substitute and I just keep finding more to do.

Asher...he's a growing guy let me tell ya'. I went three months without gaining any weight so my doctor wanted to do a growth sonogram on the little man to see how big he was. Well...he was already right at 5 pounds and that was 2 weeks ago. So...he's either coming early or going to be HUGE!!! Take your pick... No need to worry. After that sonogram they weighed me and I gained 4.5 pounds in two weeks time. My short fat self looks like the pillsbury dough boy right about now. I caught a sideview of myself in the mirror and about passed out.

Is everything ready? You know the girl I was before Ian. The one who was organized, cleaned, a planner, and all together. Well...SHE'S BACK!!! :) Our house has never been this together. I have his room ready, his bags packed, my bags packed, his bassinet by our bed, his pack and play and bouncy seat in the living room, and his carseat in the car. I am READY!!! I just can't wait to meet this sweet little boy. He's already a stinker at night. Up all night playing and kicking me to death and he has the hiccups EVERY night!!! I just laugh at him sometimes. He sticks his fist so far out when I lay down in the bed you'd think I could hold his hand.

Side effects...I've had every side effect of pregnancy you could imagine. Have I been miserable? YES. Am I still thrilled to be pregnant? YES. Will I have another baby? Not unless the Good Lord just insists on it and puts one in my belly. It's not on my to do list in the near future. I'm just fine with Asher and Wae is too. He's going to be perfect and precious to us and he is just exactly what we want. Just think the next time I update it just might be that I'm a mommy again!!!!!!!!!!!

Talk to ya' soon...


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