Sunday, April 10, 2011

Rhizo Kids Conference...

This post is generally directed towards the 2011 Rhizo Kids Conference. Tracey Thomas is handling the conference this year and after BEGGING her to let me help a little she came up with something. I need help with breakfast food. We are having dinner catered this year so we don't have that worry but we do need to have breakfast foods for a breakfast buffet. The conference is June 9-12. We will serve breakfast on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. We would like breakfast casseroles, cinnamon rolls, cream cheese danish casseroles, fresh fruit bowls, and any breakfast food you know how to make would be great!! We didn't do this last year and think it was one aspect we needed to work on. The town of Centre (and surrounding areas) also provided the conference with drinks last year. We could use this again. Anything you can bring (water, sodas, capri suns, etc.) You can drop them off at Cotton States Insurance now until June 7th. Y'all are awesome!!! We could also use helpers. We will need babysitters for the healthy kids and for the RCDP kids. I believe most families are bringing grandparents this time but not everyone is. It's always nice to have extra hands and eyes though. Thanks for helping. You can email me at to volunteer to bring food or babysit or to help do anything I can't think of.

Asher...he's a stinker!!! I'm no longer the pregnant woman you hate. I'm now the pregnant woman you sympathise with. He has made me sick through week 15 with throwing up and he moved on to amplifying my allergies after that. I have been battling a cold for three weeks now and it has escalated to bronchitis. I am now on three different meds in hopes of knocking out the bronchitis before I end up worse. I am ready for him to be here and healthy!!! I have gained 12 pounds so far. I look and feel like I've gained 30 but I haven't. LOL... Wae reminds me that I said I would just be so thankful to be pregnant that I wouldn't complain at all. Well...that's over. I am still just as thankful to be pregnant but I am complaining from time to time. BUT...always with a smile on my face. Well better go get things ready to work tomorrow. I've had a very lazy Sunday today in hopes of feeling better. They say rest is the key ingredient to getting well...I'll see about that.


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