Saturday, April 30, 2011

Perfect and Beautiful

Last Friday we went for an ultrasound to check on our sweet little Asher's heart. The news we received was for greater than we could have imagined hearing. From the beginning to the end of the ultrasound the doctor talked about how beautiful and perfect everything was about our little boy. "Wow...he has long legs!!!" "And look at this perfect heart he has. You see this...." "And look at this brain...this looks like a very smart brain right here." to our ears.

At one point Wae exhaled and said "Whew...are you sure you're talking to the right people here??? We're not used to getting good health reports." The doctor obviously gave his condolences about Ian and proceded to tell us how perfect our little Asher would be. What an answered prayer and a blessing from our holy and almighty Heavenly Father!!!

We were able to have a sneak peek in 4D. He only weighs 11 ounces right now so it was mainly skeletal but I could tell he is gonna be a cutie :) He really did have very long legs and the sweetest little feet just a kicking away at me. He waved at us and his fingers were so long and precious!!! The doctor counted his fingers, checked his kidneys and so on and so on. We saw more of this little baby than I ever dreamed of seeing. I have to see I have been 100% overly impressed with UAB hospital!!! This is where we have went for the specialist ultrasounds and tests and every person we have come in contact has been overly nice. That goes so far when you have been through what we experienced.

Tornadoes...this past week our state went through a horrible devastation. It started early Wednesday morning and lasted throughout the day and the effects will be felt for months if not years. My college home of Tuscaloosa was destroyed and many lives were lost. A sweet college friend's family lost everything...their home, their barn, etc. And just a couple of miles from our house homes were demolished and lives turned upside down. Hundreds of lives were lost, so many were injured, and countless homes were destroyed. There are no words to describe the devastation you see in our state. Our county has been out of power since the storm and the estimate is 7-14 days wtihout power. However, you can't help to be thankful to have a home that has no power when you look around and see all the homes that are now simply a pile of rubble. Prayers for the victims of this disaster and for all the men and women working so diligently to restore what has been lost from these storms!!! Please pray for our state!!!

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  1. My heart rejoices for you, your husband and little Asher! I am sure your eyes and heart were glued to that screen while the doctor examined your little one. I am so glad you got an excellent report! I think of you often and am loving these happy posts! God is Great!

    I live in Georgia and our state was not hit hard by the storms as well. One little town in north Georgia was basically demolished completely. One tornado literally jumped over my mom's house while she huddled in a bathroom closet. We all need to continue to pray for the families of the ones effected. There has been such complete and total loss of life and property. They need all the prayers and help they can get as they pick up the pieces.