Thursday, April 21, 2011

Heart Examination...

We go tomorrow morning for Asher's sonogram on his heart. This is our last specialist appointment as long as we get an all clear on his precious little heart. We've had no scares or anything this pregnancy regarding the condition of his heart but because of Ian's heart condition there is cause for concern. So...with that being said prayers are needed for a healthy heart tomorrow. We need Asher to cooperate so the doctors are able to see everything they need to see.

Pregnancy...well it seems as though my stomach is bigger every morning. My book says Asher is about 8 inches long now. I'm not crazy about desserts these days and just to be honest I'm not a fan of not liking desserts. I have bought every Easter candy imaginable hoping to like it and no winners yet. I seem to love salad these days and I've never been a salad fan. Go figure...Asher's making me like things I don't really like. LOL...

Asher's bedding has come in and it is so cute. Andrea gave me Colin and Ellisan's rocking chair. I have always loved, loved that chair so she gave it to me when Ellisan got her big girl room. I based Asher's bedding around the yellow rocking chair and have been very pleased. :) I have a cousin who is so special to me who is an Interior Decorator and has a business in Birmingham. She was actually with us when our precious Ian flew to Jesus. She is doing Asher's nursery and OH...MY...GOSH!!! It is going to be oh so cute! I cannot wait to have it finished and post pics for you all to see her awesome work. Ian's monkey painting is going to hang in Asher's room and is going to be just perfect!!!

Work is busy and I am crazy. The end of the year is wild at school but evidently I had forgotten just how wild it is. I let the stress get the best of me this week and I was officially overwhelmed. I thought it was pretty awesome that Wae said..."This is the first time since you've been back working that you've been stressed out about your job." That lets you know how great of a job I have.

Well, I've got to get things ready for tomorrow and make a list for Mom and I to accomplish after the appointment. Curtains for Asher's room, new bathroom stuff for Asher, an Easter dress for me, clothes that fit me, and the list goes on and on. I foresee a long day in Birmingham ahead of us. But oh how fun it will be to finally be buying things for my sweet little boys room and his anticipated arrival.


  1. So good to hear how things are Mary.
    I'm glad things are under way and I pray that this last specialist visit goes well.


  2. Prayers for a healthy heart!!!! :-)

  3. Can't wait to hear the results of the heart test!!