Wednesday, June 2, 2010

New Direction...

Well...last week after I updated I met with the Superintendent of Education for Cherokee County.I got my new job placement for next year. I will be a 1st grade teacher at Sand Rock. This isn't the school I was at before Ian so I think God is sending me in a new direction now. I have been there working and painting my classroom and I haven't met one person yet who isn't nice. I mean everyone is overly nice and very welcoming. It makes going to a new school so much easier. And on the plus side I am real good friends with the principal's wife. So...I already knew the principal really well and that relieves a lot of stress to know the boss.

I've heard time and time again from people that they think this is a blessing. You know...I had my normal before Ian was born which was at CES. I had dreams for my future with our healthy kids and so on and so on. Those plans I once had were all shattered the day Ian was born. Now it's like God is giving me a new normal after Ian. I remember what it was like to prepare my classroom and work before Ian was born and I know what it feels like now. It's so different. I told Wae that from the outside looking in our life is "normal" to people now. Just like it was when I taught at CES. I thought things would feel the same but it is so different. I am still a teacher at heart. I loved my job and I cannot wait to jump back in head first. However, there is nothing about me that is the same as before. I have had a total body, soul, and mind makeover. Many things are better, some parts are still broken, and many parts are still healing. I believe God has placed me at this school, in this grade for a time such as this. I know HE is up to something and that he has great plans for my life. I know He sees the big picture and I can't wait to get a glimpse at his plan.

Reminder...Pottery Party this Saturday at Wae's office in Ellisville. This is where we do handprints and footprints of your children and place them on pottery...plates, cookies jars, canister sets, holiday plates et. We turn them into anything you want. If you want to schedule an appointment for "Precious Pottery" please email me and I'll let you know what times are available. For those of you from Centre this is with Deanna Patterson and Amanda Harkins. It makes great Christmas presents and it is one of my most valuable treasures of my time with Ian.

2nd Reminder...Rhizo Kids Conference is almost here. Aagh!!! What was I thinking planning this. I have way too much going on!!! We need drinks. We have 50 people to feed and provide everything for for 3 days and we don't have enough. We need soft drinks, water, drinks for kids, juices for breakfast, etc. We don't have much at all. We could also use little debbies and packs of cookies for the families to snack on during the days. We can use homemade desserts too for our meals and visiting times. If you want to make desserts you can plan on delivering them to Cotton States Insurance on Thursday, June 24th before 12 pm. I will be leaving for Chesnut Bay at 12 and will need to deliver all desserts, drinks, and food to the rented cabins we have. Please help Rhizo Kids with this. You can buy drinks and drop them off at Cotton States Insurance between 9 and 4. Deadline for drink delivery is Wednesday June 23 at 12 pm. Thanks for all you guys do to support Rhizo Kids. I just know this is going to be a blessed meeting with many new discoveries for the Rhizo Kids. You can email me at with questions or for volunteering to help with conference.


  1. Woohoo, ROLL ROCK ROLL! ;)

  2. What a shame it would be, to go thru such an experience and come out on the other side as the same old person. That would mean you learned nothing. Every trial that we go thru should teach us something. It would be so tragic, to endure the hardship, and look back and realize you learned nothing. Plus, everyone who knew Ian learned to appreciate life in a whole new way. We all learned not to take anything for granted and to be thankful for all those that we love and who love us. We learned to not sweat the small stuff. So we should all have a new normal. Thru the things that were so hard and the things that were so wonderful - we were changed.