Friday, June 11, 2010

Good morning!

Just a quick update this morning. Geez...our house is a zoo. You know I told you guys Wae wanted Shug back inside because we thought he was going deaf. Well...took him to doc and he has fluid in his lungs. Can we say dejavu'??? The doctor gave him meds for kennel cough and said he didn't know if it was kennel cough or heart failure. Really?!? I vividly remember a conversation with Ian's docs much like the conversation with the vet. Really?!? WEIRD!!! He is eating it up and loving every second of being inside. He remembers all the old ways and is rubbing it in Miley's face that she's outside. So mean...

I have had many people ask me to tell them when I am going to speak at Celebrate Recovery. is tonight. I'm not good at telling people when I speak because I just feel weird about telling everyone but there have been many people who wanted to know about this engagement so it will be tonight. The music at CR starts at 6:15 and then I speak.

Rhizo Kids Conference Needs:

***Cases of water...cases of water...cases of water... We had someone donate 21 packs of 24 packs last week of soft drinks so we have that area covered. We only have 4 cases of water though. So...if you were wanting to do something to do help Rhizo Kids water would be a great way.

***A video taping pro??? The doctors would like to have the Rhizo Kids conference videotaped and I am simply swamped and can't imagine taping the conference. As a matter of fact I just really don't know how to set up the camera on a tripod and do all that it involves. We would also love, love, love it if the video expert would be able to burn DVD's for each family and doctor to take home Sunday. Rhizo Kids will buy the supplies to burn the DVD's I just someone to tell me what to do and what to buy.

Thanks for your help guys. You are always so faithful to help Rhizo Kids. I hate having to ask for help so much but it takes a lot to pull this off and I'm not sure if we are going to pull it off. LOL...I've procrastinated bad!

Going to give Shug his meds and hope he quits this coughing. Geez...he's just a dog Mary! He's just a dog!!!


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