Thursday, February 11, 2010

Meeting my hero...

Good morning! What a really hasn't been the best week ever. I quite possibly had the worst birthday of my life and things were just not going the way they do on birthdays. I really could have used some noisemakers to scare off those evil spirits and bad thoughts. LOL!!!

My cousin and a sorority sister emailed with great news though. Beth Moore was going to be in Birmingham doing a book signing for her new book. Woo-hoo!!! So...I asked Wae to take me and what do you know he agreed. YAY!!! So...we headed out to meet the one person in the world I would cut my right arm off to meet. (Ok maybe I wouldn't cut my right arm off, but you can see how badly I wanted to meet her.)

We got there and there were a couple hundred women if not more giggly, squeeling, and just as excited as I was. Hold mean other people love her as much as I do??? I thought I was going to be the only one there so giddy, but boy oh boy was I wrong. It was more excitement than the day after Thanksgiving sales if you can believe it.

I got my number and it was 175. I was told to wait. So we waited...and waited...and waited...Then the announcement came on..."If your number is after 150 you probably won't be able to meet Beth. You can hang around and see but she has to leave for another engagement." Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!! I almost cried for real. I mean I was staring at her for 2 hours and then the possibility of meeting her was being ripped out from under me. Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!

Long story short...I got to meet her. I handed her a picture of Ian and said "I am Mary Ellis. Ian Ellis' mom. He passed away 4 months ago." She then remembered me writing her and she gave me the biggest hug ever! It was awesome...really awesome! She signed my book and kept telling me "Christ WILL carry you." She even wrote that in my book. I just knew she would remember me and Wae was like "Mary don't have your hopes up. There is no way she can remember you." He was floored when he saw the look on her face. You could really tell she remembered. It was awesome! I am now even more obsessed with her. HA!

Well, today is a day of chores of doing things I have been putting off. I still have a Christmas wreath on my front door. Does anyone relate to that??? I have all the decorations down Christmas night but not the wreath. It was the wreath we had at Ian's funeral and I now change out the items on it for each holiday. So...I am going to hobby lobby today to get new decorations for my wreath. I love having something of Ian on my door. Got to buy groceries and get ready just in case we have some snow. HA! Not happening I know but why not be prepared?



  1. So glad you got to meet her Mary! Wasn't she even more precious in person! We went to Fultondale and got to meet her as well! (Post coming soon!)

  2. How awesome that you got to meet Beth Moore and that she remembered your story. Isn't it wonderful to have those moments of utter happiness? I would say that meeting her would make up for the craptastic birthday. :) Good luck in the Blizzard! They keep saying that the snow will be south of B'ham. We'll see what happens, but I'm sure the stores are already out of milk and bread!

  3. Mary, I'm glad that you got to meet Beth Moore, since you admire her so much. Now, to make you feel even better, my Christmas Tree is still up, decorations and all....along with the Christmas Wreath still on the front door!!! Maybe this weekend??? Virginia Peterson

  4. Mary -
    How fantastic! I am jealous.

    Now for a funny...from the pictures, it looks like y'all have the same hair! LOL

    As for the wreath, I would unabashedly keep a Christmas wreath (and a tree, too) up year-round...if Jeff would let me. I think you now have the perfect year-round wreath.