Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Getting back to life...

It has been an entire week since I updated. I have had emails asking if I was ok or if something was wrong. Just getting back to living life around here and WOW how I forgot what it was like to "live."

Some of you may understand what I am saying and some of you precious souls have never known heartbreak and you don't have a clue what I am saying. If that is the case for you count yourself blessed. For the past two years everyone knows my life revolved around Ian. My "living" was kind of in the background of my life but put on pause for long periods of time. Some random days I would press "play" and live a little in the slow motion mode but I never truly lived "my" life. I was living life for Ian. Praise God I was able to do that. I have not one single regret from the time I had with Ian and for that I am thankful. Then immediately after he died I couldn't live. I mean heart and soul had left me and you seriously expected me to enjoy life here without him. Now though our new "normal" is seeming more and more normal and we are making it better each and every day. My heart still aches uncontrollably and my arms yearn for my little Ian but I try to focus on the here and now and the future and not what I am missing out on.

With that said our new "normal" is busy guys...I am working and I am LOVING it!!! The kids are the most precious kids and I so love being back with the teachers I love. I am starting to exercise again with my long lost workout buddy I had before Ian was born and it feels great. Ok...we have only done it once but we are starting right?!? I am starting another new job adventure this week with some teacher friends and that will be painting pottery. We paint kids feet and hands and make precious pottery with different themes on it. Wae and I are venturing out with friends more and doing things we once enjoyed. We went to Birmingham this weekend and saw my sorority sisters who I love so much and never get to see. We had a wonderful time and were so glad to share memories. We rode 4 wheelers Sunday and had the time of our lives. That was until we had a minor accident which resulted in the 4 wheeler laying on my leg. It was headed towards my head and I was flipping out..."Wae it is about to hit my head. HELP!!!!" Needless to say...I won't be going back. I came out without a broken let after the 4 wheeler was laying on it and the only way that can be explained is God's grace! Thank you Jesus!!! Today is my off day and I will be spending it with my precious nephew Owen. We "borrowed" him for a few days from my brother and Kyla so we could enjoy his cuteness. Can't wait to go to Nonnie's and play.

Well, I better get busy so I can go spend the day with Owen. He can sit up now and smile and laugh and babble and when he gets really upset with you he can poke that lip out furthur than I've ever seen a kid poke a lip. It is hilarious and heartbreaking all at the same time.

I'll try my best to write back soon....



  1. We were SO glad ya'll came to Birmingham! We HAVE to do it more often! It was so fun laughing and remembering college!
    Love you TONS!
    Laura Grinnell

  2. Congrats on the new job!!! You will be perfect for this job, working with kids who need it the most. I know you'll have so much patience with them.

    We had a little 4-wheeler accident this past summer. Preston and I were riding on one, and he panicked and hit he gas instead of the brake. We started flipping, and I was like you...I just saw this 4-wheeler flipping over and it was going to land on Preston. You know how big my kid is, but with God's intervention (wow, the adrenline He gives us is amazing), I was lying on my back and actually picked Preston up and moved him out of the way and held the 4-wheeler up with my leg until Jo Jo could come over and get the 4-wheeler off us. God protects us in the most amazing ways.

    May your busy days be blessed beyond measure. And give that baby Owen so many kisses his cheeks turn red (ha).

    Leah Odam :)