Thursday, January 21, 2010

It's Possible to Cry and Walk...

I am in a women's bible study at church on Wednesday night. We decided to go a different route for our Spring bible study and we are doing someone other than Beth Moore. WOW...I honestly didn't know anyone other than Beth Moore was good. all know how much I love Beth. We are doing a bible study on Ruth by Kelly Minter. I've never heard of her, but so far I really like her. It is a great bible study.

This week we read through chapter 1 in Ruth and it was really slow. We learned that Ruth, her husband, and her two sons left Bethlehem and went to Moab. Moab was a land God had commanded his children not to be in relationship with. They went though to escape the famine in Bethlehem. they go to a land that is not at the top of the list. When they are there the two sons get married and they marry two Moabites. (Remember Moabites aren't really at the top of the list with God here. The reason is because of their rejection of Him. Not racism....rejections of Him.) So...I think it's safe to say that these daughters-in-law aren't something to be real proud of??? Just a thought of mine. Well...the father dies and the two sons die. Now Naomi is left in this place God has commanded his children not to go with two of "their" people. She wanted to go home to Bethlehem. She packed her things and headed out. The two daughters-in-law wouldn't let her go without them. They went too and Naomi wasn't happy about this. She finally talked Orpah into going back to Moab but Ruth wasn't leaving Naomi for anything. So...onward they go to Bethlehem.

With all of this being said I am going to tell you verse 14 in Ruth. This is right when Orpah has decided to turn back and go back to Moab. "Again they cried openly. Orpah kissed her mother-in-law good-bye; but Ruth embraced her and held on." This is where I'm going today guys....the author of our study said this was one of her favorite verses in the bible. I really didn't see why just to be honest but as I read her reasoning I began to understand. She said it reminded her that although there will be weeping in this life, the direction in which we weep is what truly matters. WOW! Did you hear that? The direction in which we weep is what truly matters. Orpah turned and walked backwards into the land that did not serve the one true God. Stay with me here....she wept going backwards! However, Ruth wept going forwards as she was going with Naomi into Bethlehem where they served our God. You see...Naomi and the girls could have all just wept. Just sat down and thrown themselves a big ole' pity party in Moab because all the men had died. But they didn't. Naomi packed up and was determined to go back to her land and serve the God she loved. Orpah couldn't stay the longhaul but Ruth did. She walked forward into new territory instead of going back the easy route.

This is kind of where I feel like I am in life right now. I would really like to just sit...and lay...and weep...and wallow...and feel sorry for myself. However, I am determined to cry and walk. I am still devastated over losing Ian and I do still cry all the time. I still have every day reminders that knock the breath out of me when I see them. For instance, his wash cloth in my laundry basket yesterday. I mean really...where did that come from??? It did strike up a moment of "I'm just going to give up. I'm ready to quit and wallow in my own self-pity." But I didn't! In this bible study there is something the author said that I love..."Be encouraged. God sees your tears. Cry them, wipe them, feel them, but don't let them stop you. It's possible to cry and walk." Wow...did you really read that? If not go back and read it again. It is awesome!!! You can cry and walk at the same time!!! I challenge you today to write this on a piece of paper and post it somewhere you can read it many times a day. We are all going through something that is trying to bring us down. Some things may be smaller than other things. Maybe it is work dragging you down, maybe your family has had the flu and sickness after sickness and it is just wearing you down, maybe you lost a loved one like we did, or maybe you are just in the pit right now. This quote will remind you to Be encouraged! Keep going...yes you can be upset and cry but this is NOT going to stop you. You can cry and walk girlfriend! Do it!!!

Now...please do what I said. Go get that paper and pen and write this quote down so you can read it over and over and you'll never forget that you can cry and walk. It's possible I know because I'm doing it...........................



  1. Sounds like a great Bible study! I'm gonna have to go buy that book. I love what you wrote. I did Kelly Minter's "no other gods" It's really good too.
    Love the Blog!

  2. Thanks! I needed that more than you know :)

  3. Perfectly written. Thank you Mary..I just wrote it down..seriously!

  4. Thank you for sharing! You don't know me personally, my husband was the pastor at Fairview UMC when you had Ian. I have followed you since then. I thank you for sharing your story! We lost our precious baby daughter after being with her for 22 hours. My journey is so different since I didn't have as much time to bond with her, but the pain is so deep. I will continue to pray for you as you walk this long journey.

  5. Mary, I think God has you on to something here. This post was great! Back in November our Women's Ministry Leadership team went to Nashville for the National Leadership Forum. This is the second year we have gone. This year the main two speakers were Priscilla Shirer and Kelly Minter. Kelly did a song presentation of her message for this Bible study Ruth. It was a compilation of several songs and speaking in between. We enjoyed this study and this time. Listen for what God is leading you to do. He has great plans for you girlfriend. Priscilla Shirer also has some great Bible studies. We have done a LOT of Beth Moore but we also have done Priscilla's "He Speaks to Me" and "Discerning the Voice of God." We are praying for you daily. Your Twelfth Street friends.