Sunday, January 31, 2010

I did it...

Good evening! I am still trying to figure out this blog thing and I think many of you are too. Some people aren't able to get the updates through email and that is because you didn't subscribe right. You can look back at the old posts and read the one about subscribing. You have to click the link on the email that is sent to you in order to verify the subscription.Also...I think people are having a hard time posting comments. Is this right??? There are very few comments left and I am thinking maybe it's because people don't know how to leave a comment. Just a thought...

I did it today and I did it last week. Do you know what I did??? I spoke at my uncle's church last week and today I spoke at our church. Whew...I can't believe I did it. I was a nervous wreck each time and it was very draining but I did it. YAY me : ) I hope I am doing what God wants me to do and that I'm not totally missing this. I really feel like this is what I am supposed to be doing so maybe just maybe one person felt encouraged.

I don't have very much planned this week. I am keeping Ella Kathryn Monday just because I want to. Jack and Misty are coming over to play so I'm sure we will have a fun morning. We will play with a lot of babies I'm sure and I'm betting we will play with play-doh all afternoon. Tuesday will be a day of pampering while I get my hair colored. seems like it's been forever and it looks like it for sure. Doesn't it just make you feel better to have your hair done??? It does me for sure! I am also meeting with a friend who is in college and is going to write a paper about our little boy. I love it when people do this and share about RCDP and Ian all at the same time. Wednesday is the day for Bible study so I'll be going to church and digging deeper into the book of Ruth. I need to be getting busy on that reading. Uh-oh... As for the rest of week...well let's just say we'll play that by ear. : )

I hope you all have a great week and I'll try to update later.....

I included another picture of Ian today just because I love him and I miss him more than you can imagine.



  1. Mary,

    I heard you speak a FBC Sunday. Your message was deep, but you expressed it so simply that a child could have grasped it. I could tell that you were sharing your heart. If you were nervous, I couldn't tell it. I told anyone who asked that I thought you were a natural born speaker. I think God and Ian must be very proud of you for getting out of your comfort zone like that. You did fantastic. I love the new picture of Ian you put up, it is precious. Thank you for your message. It was one of the best and most genuine I ever heard.

    Heather Owens

  2. Okay, you said I am on the list to receive the email notification, but I did not receive it. I just tried to subscribe again, so we will see if it works.

  3. I'm so sorry for your loss Mary. My own son was born with trigonocephaly (he required having his skull revised @ 5 1/2 months.) When he was 11 in a one years time both his lungs collapsed (required two hospitalizations and surgeries.) For years, I felt we spent our entire life just 'living' as best we could (with lingering, pressing various illnesses...) in between Dr's appointments. It was very difficult. My son, Nate is now 19 and in college. He is special and unique as a person. I too, struggle with not knowing 'just' how well or long he will live...or 'just' when he will be ill (and how ill he will be.)I have had to let it all go and let God just carry me over and again. God bless you. May you be lifted and carried by the good Lord as many times as it takes, and then again, Mary. He will never leave us (or forsake.) Karen P.; Louvregirl

  4. Just cant help but thinking of Jacob and Ian laying in the snow making snow angels today. I miss my Jacob and my heart aches everyday but no where near the ache you experience. Thanks for being strong for all of us. You are an incredible woman and Wae must be a wonderful husband. I love to read your blogs!!

    Team Abbie and Jake
    Tina Angle (Aunt)