Saturday, January 23, 2010

Forehead Labels...

Good morning or really good afternoon everyone! It is Saturday and yes I am still in my PJ's and being so lazy and enjoying every minute of it. We are going to Colin's basketball game at 3:00 so nothing until then means laziness for us. Yipee!!!

I have been trying to get back to life as it was before Ian. I can hardly remember what life was like then. I have been trying to cook for Wae and get things back in order around our house. I neglected everything while Ian was with us and it shows. We had steaks for dinner last night and I even cooked a cake. ( was the death by chocolate and yes I am about to eat another piece.) I even woke up and made homemade biscuits and gravy and sausage and eggs. Wae was like "What is this all about?" Ha...I simply said that I thought his wife was coming back around...finally! It does feel good to be catching a glimpse of the old Mary who enjoyed cooking and doing things around the house. I am enjoying doing more than just laying on the couch.

I have actually been doing a lot. I am speaking in Springville tomorrow at Springville First Baptist church and I have been trying to organize my thoughts for my message. I will be speaking about the sanctity of human life and sharing our story through the message. I also made a power point movie like thing of Ian (with the help of a nice man from church) I am very nervous but I am believing God will speak through me even though I am so not qualified to do this. Did you hear me??? SOOOO not qualified for this new path!!!

I taught at CES yesterday (the school I worked at before Ian) and it turns out I'll be there all next week. I'll be working for a friend who needs me for the whole week so I'll be a pretend first grade teacher again. Yippee!!! They are so innocent at that age and I really have started loving this age group. They all recognize me now that I've been subbing and it's sweet when they are happy to see me.

I've been digging even deeper into my study of Ruth. By the way...Wae said to me " were really preaching on your blog today!" I said ..."Yea...did you read it? It had a good point." He said..." was too long!" So...for those of you who thought it was too long sorry for the preaching. I was trying to make a point though I promise. : )

Well in Ruth today they are all calling her "The Foreigner" You know because she has come back to Bethlehem with her mother-in-law from Moab. It sparked a thought in me. What do you think it would be like if we all had forehead labels with words describing ourselves? Maybe they would describe our mood for the day so people would know how to talk to us that day or it would describe situations we are going through so people could tip toe around us if needed. For forehead label could be "My kid died 3 1/2 months ago" or "Touchy with your comments" or "Caution...may bite your head off" Maybe someone else's would say..."I have no hair because I have cancer" or "Just found out I have 6 months to live" or "Lost my job" or "Getting divorced" or "Husband is cheating on me" or "My 16 year old is pregnant." I can't decide. Would it be good or bad to have these forehead labels? I think for me it would be good because I get so tired of the question from strangers..."Do you have any children?" Well, I usually lie and say no to spare them from hearing my sap story. But if it's the day when the forehead label reads "caution...may bite your head off" I say "Yes I am a mother of a two year old who lives with Jesus." It would be easier a lot of times if we could walk around with every emotion and situation tattooed to our foreheads so idiots (excuse me for the word) wouldn't ask stupid questions. Just remember...almost everyone in your life is going through something and a lot of these things are hard. You may meet someone and have no clue they are having trouble in their marriage. We all need to remember to try to be nice to everyone because we never know what is going on in their own little world. I know "Nice" is such a puny word but really it means a lot. Just be nice and not selfish and try to think about others.

I appreciate you all and I hope you try to pay more attention to those "forehead labels" that are hiding underneath.

Talk to you soon.............................

Oh yea...added a cute pic of Ian today to remind you to count your blessings.



  1. Wow! I think some days a forehead sign would be a great idea! Then, there are other days that it might not be very nice to put up what I think! Maybe I will just carry a sign around in my pocket that says what I feel and then when the need arises, I will pull it out, that way, the ones that REALLY need to see the sign WILL see it. Cause you know, not every body is an "idiot".....

    Anyhoo! I hope that teaching will go well for you this week! I know some of those little ones are cuties, but then there are those that are little "tattle-tales" and you would like to hang them buy some little nails! All in all though, teaching is a rewarding experience, even in the higher grades.

    Ya know, I just LOVE the song Bring The Rain! It is exactly how I feel at this time in my life.....Well, gotta run! Looking forward to the next blog! PRAISIN' HIM ALWAYS!!

  2. How about this for a forehead sign, "Proceed with caution"? :) That would cover a multitude of topics. It might actually be fun to watch how fast people could run in the opposite direction.

  3. I think I finally got this subsription thing figured out!! Yea me!! Felt like I needed a "Dummy" label. Got caught up on your posts and did enjoy the "Forehead Labels". I feel like I need one that says "my son has autism what's you excuse" when poeple ask why he acts the way he does. I have needed the "caution...may bite your head off" when some have asked what's "wrong" with him. I just say "Nothing, but I'll tell you what's right with him". :)