Friday, May 10, 2013

You ARE a great mom!

If you've ever met Asher you know that he is so many different things in one. He's the all around package in this momma's eyes. He is loving, sweet, silly, fiesty, hyperactive, all boy, loves bugs, is obsessed with tractors and farm stuff, mischievous, loves to read, and even loves to snuggle. Although he is so many great things, I'm afraid his mischief is starting to outweigh his sweetness. He will look at me, say no, then hit at me. After hitting, or pinching, or biting he will hug your neck so tight. As soon as he does something wrong I say, " need to tell momma' you're sorry." He immediately hugs my neck so tight. Somedays those are the only hugs I get. Not saying I'm urging him to be ugly but the hugs are much appreciated. Maybe there is something he knows he isn't supposed to do...for instance throw his food across the table. He'll give me a smirk and then throw it anyway. Oh me... I do spank him. Actually we spank him a lot. I know some of you are thinking, "Well maybe he needs timeout and spankings don't work." Oh no need to fear, we spank AND do time out girlfriend. We have entered the terrible twos I'm pretty sure. I've been reading up about it and some blogs actually call it the "Terrific Twos" now. Bahahaha...come on!!! Any momma' out there who has had a two year old and actually remembers how they REALLY were at two, instead of some fantasy you have convinced your brain to remember, knows what I'm talking about. I can't count how many times I stop myself before losing it and say "Oh Asher, I love you...I just love you!" That method helps to calm my nerves and I don't scream something at him. You all know I am more thankful for this silly hard headed little boy than most. I treasure the tantrums of "Mine, Mine!" and I adore the "No, momma" words that come from his mouth. However, I am human and I actually get frustrated with him from time to time. I used to feel guilty about letting myself get frustrated with him. I used to scold myself and say "Have you already forgotten the lessons Ian taught you?!?" Then I realized I am only human. I cannot help but to get frustrated at a tantrum or get frustrated when he shakes my lose powder all over the bathroom floor. The first time he unfolded all the towels in the linen closet while I took a shower I got very frustrated. Now I just laugh and am thankful he's being quite so I can get ready in peace. Some of you momma's know what I mean. Or maybe when he turns the faucet around on the bathtub and turns the water on so that it is filling our bathroom not bathtub up with water. Yep! He did that as I was trying to shower. Once he unloaded every q-tip from a 500 Q-tip box in his bedroom. When I say every one I mean EVERY one. Frustrated?!? Just a little but I know it's his mischief just oozing out. He tries his best to control it but sometimes there is just too much mischief in his blood and he has to misbehave. Most days I giggle at him, I hug him, and I say "Oh Asher, I love you...I just love you!" But sometimes, just like every mom in the history of the universe, I get frustrated. For a temporary minute I forget about the lessons Ian taught me and I get mad at Asher. I tell you this all to say...It's Mother's Day. Maybe you are feeling like an inadequate mom right now. Maybe you're feeling like your kids think you always say no or that you're always being mad at them. Maybe you think you're just not good enough and that you don't do everything you thought you would do as a mom. Just know that your kids don't think that. They remember the good times when we are happy, silly, and loving everything they do. They remember us taking care of them when they are sick and rocking them all night long. They remember us kissing their boo boos and making everything all better. They remember that we read them that favorite book one last time before bed and it makes their heart smile. They remember that we let them play outside for hours and that we PLAYED with them. They love us just as much as we love them. Be proud that you get to celebrate Mother's Day. Being a mom is the most precious job in the world. Take the time Sunday to be celebrated by those who appreciate you and let's take that day to celebrate our children. We are so blessed to have them! I remember the mother's days after Ian passed away when I didn't have Asher. The pain was almost unbearable. We still have a missing piece to our family puzzle so the hurt is still there and very real. However, now I get to celebrate mother's day with my silly almost two year old who can make me laugh in no time. I'm thankful for God's grace and mercy. He blessed us with Asher to help heal our pain when we didn't deserve His goodness. We will celebrate this day with one of our boys in our arms and one of our boys in our hearts. I'm just so thankful somebody calls me momma'... I hope you all have a wonderful mother's day and know that you are an AWESOME momma'!!! Photobucket

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