Friday, December 2, 2011

I'm a dork...

As you all know I am a teacher. I started my teaching career in 2nd grade and moved to 1st grade later. Teaching has always had my heart and been a passion of mine. I love to create FUN lessons and be playful with my students. I love to hug my little darlings and claim them as "my kids" throughout the year. In my opinion, good teachers have a heart for teaching. They love children, they love learning, and they love seeing those sweet little eyes sparkle when the lesson finally "clicks" in a child's head.

For now I am at home with Asher. I won't be at home with him forever but today I am. So guess who is my student for today?!? Asher...They have awesome blogs created for stay at home moms. These moms actually TEACH their children lessons. They make awesome crafts and learn bible verses and how they relate to our lives. They read bible stories and learn about Jesus. They have lessons centered around the holidays with activities to make learning fun. Asher is 12 weeks old...can he say his ABC's? Well goodness no! He can't even roll over yet. He can talk some very cute baby talk though. :) So guess what we do at home? We practice our ABC's (LOL...I admitted I'm a dork already so don't talk about me behind my back :) ) I am already creating lessons for this funny boy and I have some ABC scriptures ran off laminated and ready for him to memorize once can sit up. Hahaha...ok, ok, I'll hold off until he can talk. :) I am just being prepared and finding my lessons to create while I am home with my precious one. I love watching a child learn and I can't imagine it being MY OWN child learning what I am teaching. I get all giddy and excited about it. :) Yes...I'm a dork and a teacher at heart. I can't wait to teach this little one...CANNOT WAIT!!!

Asher is growing so fast. He has discovered his hands this past week and chews on them continuously. I was worried about the germs but guess what they make? Hand wipes that kills 95% of germs. what about that other 5%!? Just kidding...just kidding! Those 5% of germs can build his immune system all y'all keep telling me he needs to build up. :) He loves to sit like a big boy and doesn't much like being held like a baby anymore :( He loves to snuggle and rock before a nap and his passy is the only way to get him to sleep. He likes to stand up and look around at world and he still isn't a big sleeper. He plays on his playmat and laughs out loud at himself and I crack up every time. He's so stinking happy that sometimes he can't even take his bottle for smiling. He smiles and laughs through his bottle and I'm putty in his cute little fat hands. He has my heart!!! I catch myself sometimes...I'll be rocking him and tears will just start flowing down my cheeks. God blessed us with this miracle!!! God's grace and mercy amazes me. We don't deserve such an awesome blessing in life but he chose us to be the parents of the most precious child. I can't help but to cry when I think about it. Pure joy...this is what it feels like. Obsessed? Yes! In love? most definitely!!! Pure happiness when I think about couldn't be any better.

Well...he's napping so I'm going to tip toe in there and stare at him a minute while he's so peaceful. Then busy around the house for a minute to clean this mess up. Hope you like the new pics...



  1. Awe Mary! You nearly have me in tears with this post...happy tears. I love the new pictures and am warmed by the love you talk about giving the gift of knowledge to your baby Asher. My goodness how much he looks like Ian- at a glance he really looks like the same person. Happy times for you and I'm praying it continues-

  2. Mary - I can see so much of Ian in Asher and my heart melts. I know that you and Wae are treasuring every moment!

    Marsha Darr