Monday, October 3, 2011


It's different being a mom to a "normal" healthy child when all you are used to is looking for signs that your child is dying. It's different to have a child spit up and it be no big deal. It's not a sign that he's aspirating and all the fluid is going into his lungs. He's just a "normal" baby who is spitting up because he's a little piglet and eats entirely too much :) It's fun to watch my little boy sneeze and not worry about him getting a cold that could possibly take his life. I may be crazy but I like to just watch Asher cry so I can see him poke out his bottom lip the way he does which I think is oh so adorable. I couldn't let Ian cry EVER because it would tire out his sick little heart too easily. But now I can let Asher doesn't happen often that I just let him sit there and cry but that option is there LOL!!! It's different to take Asher's temperature and it be a little high. No real worries rushing to Dr.Rutland and no fear of a hospital's just a temperature with no strings attached. It's different....I don't want to say this is a worry free lifestyle compared to what we were used to but it's definitely a different ballgame we're playing here. It's not life or death! It's just life and it feels good!!!

Asher...Perfect?!? Health wise...YES!!! Perfect in terms of no fussing....Wellllllll let's see....I think he might be just a tad bit spoiled (insert sarcasm) I'm not real sure how this has happened. I don't hold him all day I SWEAR!!! I lay him down as soon as he's asleep. Maybe that's the problem...who knows. He'll only be little once and it will only be for a little while. He'll grow up all too fast and probably not even like me. He'll just want his daddy so they can go hunting and fishing and whatever it is that boys do :) So...I'll embrace it now and hope that maybe just maybe I'm creating a bond with my little boy that will make him a mama's boy who adores me with all of his heart.

We have had issues with constipation and formulas and spitting up. But guess what?!? That's normal!! We only have normal problems and it feels soooo good for that to be the worries. We have had issues with Asher not taking the number of ounces he should be on a certain schedule but you know what...that's normal too!!! So the schedule doesn't exist really at our house and he eats what he wants. He is getting fat and I love it!!! I love the fact that he already has fat rolls on his arms and legs and that he's a healthy little eater with a very hearty appetite. I love the fact that he is starting to see us and that he can hear when his daddy's loud footsteps are nearing him. I love the fact that he 100% knows we are his mommy and daddy. He knows what his daddy does with him and is already in love with him and that melts this mama's heart. He knows his daddy will "fly" him from 2:30 am to 5:00 am because he WILL NOT stop screaming. Spoiled...I think so and notice who did the flying at all hours of the morning...daddy NOT mommy!!!

Our dream did come true...are we tired? we enjoy it though? Most certainly!!! Do we get frustrated because we can't figure out why he's screaming bloody murder for 3 hours straight? Sure we do...but who wouldn't. But do we love this time in our lives more than anything we've ever had...DEFINITELY!!! As Asher was fussing last night and we were trying to go to sleep Wae said...Our house used to be a lot quitter. And I said...Yea...but it also had two broken hearts. Now it's full of love and happiness which is all worth the noise!!!

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