Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Now that I am home with Asher I have plenty of time to watch TV. I have found part of my ritual is to watch the baby story shows on TLC. One of those shows is about bringing home multiples. As I was watching yesterday the memories of what all we went through with Ian was brought back to the forefront of my mind. The babies were in the NICU, they had nurses coming to their house, they had struggles with their babies taking a bottle, the babies had oxygen, etc.

I have not forgotten our precious Ian and the struggles we went through with him but when it comes to Ian my memories are focused on the good times. I was thankful to see this show though which brought back the bad memories. The memories that remind me to be extra thankful for our little blessing named Asher. We were fortunate enough to have an easy delivery with no problems sending our angel to the NICU....a blessing. We were also fortunate enough to have a healthy child who didn't require home health nurses or even worse...hospice nurses. I don't have to schedule our mornings around what time hospice will be visiting or our afternoons around therapy times. Again...a blessing!!! We don't have to worry about how much formula Asher is taking in because he is able to drink from a normal bottle and is a serious piglet. We don't have to squeeze milk into his mouth from the cleft palate bottles and stress about the milk going into his lungs....yet again another blessing! When I walk in to Asher's room there aren't oxygen tanks, oxygen monitors, and baskets of medical supplies. There are toys, stuffed animals, and baby blankets. There aren't long cords to attach to his oxygen so it can reach from his bedroom to our living room. Instead there is a trail of baby socks that Asher kicks off....another blessing.

Our house is full of blessings. Yes we are new parents to a healthy child. So yes there is also a lot of crying and two parents who have no clue as to why their sweet baby is crying. There is a lot of laundry and there are a ton of dirty diapers. There is a mommy and daddy who are overjoyed about all the laundry, dirty bottles, and dirty diapers. I've said it a million times to you all but now that I am in your shoes and I say it with a new perspective. Be thankful...your life could be so different. Your life could be the one full of doctor's appointments, medical supplies, oxygen tubing, and hospice nurses. If that's not your life, then be thankful for the chaos that is your life.


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