Friday, March 11, 2011

It's a...

I had my CVS test this Monday. Let's just say this test was less than pleasurable. My test was done through the abdomen where they stick a large, a VERY large needle through your abdomen into your stomach. They do a sonogram the entire time and watch the baby in order to know where to stick you!!! Now that part was fun. Our little baby was wild. Kept hitting it's head and kicking and flipping and flopping. Such a joy to see. They did the test and whew it was over. Oh nope...Mrs.Ellis we are going to have to do it just one more time to ensure we have an adequate amount to send off for the RCDP test. GREAT!!! Let's stick that large, VERY large needle back in my belly and through my uterus once more. Great idea!!! hurt bad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Glad that's over. I had bedrest the next day. Just to recover from the trauma and to make sure my sweet little baby was ok resting in there.

So we knew that within 48 hours we would have some preliminary results back on some health issues. These aren't issues we were really concerned about they are just issues normal people worry about. We got those results back and Praise the Lord they were healthy normal results. Now it's time to wait 3 weeks for the RCDP results. Tick...tock...tick...tock.

We also got the results for the gender of the baby. The moment you all have been waiting for. Well we really didn't get the results of this. The sweet, sweet genetic counselor called my dear friend Tracey Thomas and gave her the results. So Tracey knew and we did not know. Tracey called a friend who had made some cupcakes. Sabrina made us 15 cupcakes with pink filling in them and 15 cupcakes with blue filling in them. Tracey called her and found out what was in each container. Sabrina had labeled each container with a bible verse. So after that Tracey knew which container I was supposed to serve to our guests at our baby reveal party.

I opened the container which said "Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart." After reading this verse I was convinced this was the girl box of cupcakes. I got all the cupcakes out and was ready to serve our guests. We explained the rules to all the kids and adults and on the count of 3 we bit into our cupcakes. We all found out together that WE ARE HAVING ANOTHER LITTLE BOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! After much consideration we have decided on the name Asher Andy Ellis. Asher because it means happy and blessed and that is exactly what this child means to us. Andy because we are handing down a family name which also served as Asher's big brother's middle name.

I visited Ian's grave and let him know he would be having a little brother. As I was telling Ian all about Asher I was suddenly overwhelmed with the thought that Ian has probably already met sweet Asher's soul. Ian has probably warned Asher about all our crazy habits and those two brothers have probably already had lots of play time with one another. I am overwhelmed and humbled by God's grace.

We are beyond excited and things are underway already in Asher's room. The baby bedding is ordered and my cousin who is an interior decorator is going to decorate his room to give it a fresh look. This momma's heart is overflowing with joy once again and I cannot wait to be a mommy to another little boy!!! Thank you Jesus for entrusting us with another child of Yours. Thank you Jesus!!!



  1. Oh what a wonderful way to find out the gender of your baby! It sounds so fun. I am so happy to hear of your joy and I am just so glad that baby asher is so far healthy. I pray that your family continues to reap God's blessings with this new life and find the most comforting peace in this journey you approach. Hugs-
    Congats! Felicia

  2. Congratulations!!!!!!! What a wonderful idea to have the big reveal party with your friends and family!!!!!! Another little boy to be a snuggle bug!!!!