Wednesday, January 19, 2011


It's been so long since I felt happiness deep in my soul. I mean true happiness. Not just trying to act happy so everyone around me will quit worrying about me. I mean being happy and meaning it. You know the kind of happiness?!? The kind where you just want to share your happiness with the world. I have caught myself telling total strangers..."Yes, I'm pregnant...." Hahahaha...they don't know me at all but I just want to scream at everyone "I had a little boy born in 2007 with a fatal disorder. He passed away at the age of 2 and my husband and I have wanted to have a baby ever since he met Jesus. We couldn't get pregnant and were devastated. BUT guess what?!? My GOD is an awesome God and he has blessed us with a pregnancy!!!" However, I cannot tell every Tom, Dick, and Harry the whole story so now I just get to be happy with no explanations. And let me tell ya' feels good!!!

Pregnancy...I am six weeks pregnant now. Our sweet little baby is developing at a rapid rate. Her (that's my prediction) heart is beating already and everything is in place for her eyes, ears, nose, etc. WOW!!! She is so little that she can fit inside the end of the pencil where the eraser goes. Amazing...We got to meet her for the first time Monday. Wae and I were able to have a sonogram and we saw our little miracle. It was only a little dot but it's our miracle so we'll take it. We go back next Thursday for another sonogram and we should actually be able to hear her heartbeat at that point. EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sick? Well...I am the person you hate. You know the one?!? The person who LOVES being pregnant. I remember being pregnant with Ian and it being the happiest time of my life. I was never once sick. I only gained weight lots in my belly and friends said it looked like I had a basketball under my shirt and that's all. My personal opinion...I was fatter than a whale all around and was swollen from head to toe. Anyways...I loved every second of it. It has started the same way this time. I'm not throwing up at all!!! I feel like I'm going to throw up...I want to...but I just can't. I don't remember that before. I am extremely tired and our house is a disaster. LOL. I don't have much of an appetite and have lost two pounds. Go figure!!! I'm sure I"ll make up for that real soon. I am eating just not tons because it makes me nauseous.

I promise to keep you updated if you promise me something. Pray for our baby!!! My every prayer is for healthy bones without RCDP, a healthy heart, eyes that can see and ears that can hear. A mouth that can eat on it's own and a nose that can smell.Little legs that aren't crossed and that can run and play and be WILD!!! Arms that can reach up around our necks and hug us and a voice to say "I love you mommy!" I pray God is already placing a love for Christ in this baby's heart and that we are equipped to raise this awesome miracle child God is entrusting to us. Please join us in this prayer...

Love you guys and I"ll update soon and try my best to upload a pic of our miracle baby!!!



  1. I will be praying for you and baby daily. :) I am so happy that God has brought true happiness to you again!

  2. Mary, I am soooooooo excited and will be looking forward to lots of updates. We are praying for you my sweet friend.

  3. Congratulations!Praise God for blessing you and Wae with a second child believing and trusting this baby's earthly body will be healthy!! Praying you will glide through this pregnancy with ease. Now you can tell Ian's little sister/brother how wonderful their big brother was, what a inspiration he was and how he touched the lives of people that never met him. How wonderful and special Ian is!!! How cool God chose him to accomplish so many things!! Again congratulations keep us posted! Love in Christ Chantal and Jeff Byrd Enterprise Al

  4. Congratulations...what an awesome way to start the new year! You will be in my prayers.

    h. mischnick

  5. Mary! So excited about this wonderful news! I have prayed daily for God to bless you and Wae with the baby of your hearts desire and he has (as always) delivered in his time. I pray for this baby that is going to be so loved by your family.

  6. How Awesome! What a mighty God we serve! Praising God for your answered prayer of a baby! Praying God will bless you with a healthy baby that you will be able to watch grow up! May God continue to bless you and Wae during your pregnancy as you prepare for this new baby! Blessings to you!

  7. I repeated your prayer for your little one!!!!! I think of you often and am so very excited for you and your husband!!! God is an awesome God indeed!!! I really look forward to reading posts about your perfect, healthy and beautiful baby!!!!!!

  8. WOW!
    I am a newish follower. I read your blog once after finding it through another blogger. i stopped following due to the lack of updates thinking you were done with blogging. Today I thought why not check? Bam! I've missed two posts! lol
    I am so Happy that you are getting your rainbow. I can relate to infant loss- you can follow me @
    I too hope for a healthy baby soon...just waiting on the right time. I am so happy that you can be happy and know that it's okay to smile. It took me forever to realize that me enjoying life didn't mean that I was forgetting about my little girl. I look forward to hearing about the days ahead.